Summer is on Its Way: Time for Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Service in South New Jersey – Cherry Hill, Moorestown, Mount Laurel, Voorhees, Medford, and nearby

AC Service & Repairs in South New Jersey

Summer is on Its Way: Time for Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Service

As sunny days begin to outnumber cold, gray days, it is time to think about air conditioning installations and repair. Outdoor HVAC units take a beating from winter weather and precipitation even when they are properly covered. It is a good idea to check your unit to see if it is working properly before the weather becomes hot enough to really need it. You can save a lot on air conditioner repair just by doing some simple home maintenance.

First Spring Checkup

There are many things you can do for your air conditioner first thing in the spring. Start by cleaning winter debris away from the outside unit. Check the filters and either clean or change them. Check to make sure the drains are clean. If water backs up in the unit, there is a good chance that it will freeze and obstruct operations. … Continue reading