Becker Enterprise Group was built on a foundation of strong work ethics from years of dedication and service to a variety of construction industries. Our background is diversified from concrete, masonry, waterproofing etc. passed down from generations. We have branched out to other trade services such as HVAC, Electrical and General Construction.

Angel Construction, LLC:

Angel Construction was developed from various networking with commercial contacts. We installed commercial foundations for builders and developers in the Tri-State area, which included constructing footings and foundation walls.

We grew by obtaining the necessary certifications and attended classes and seminars to strengthen our core of reading and designing blueprints. After taking the appropriate approach with the tarring/sealing of the exterior foundation walls before backfilling we found a demand for basement waterproofing and capitalized on this. Our company began offering full water management systems and installed them with pride and expertise. We stood by our warranties and made sure that we took the extra necessary steps to install our work correctly so that the quality of work would last a lifetime.

Basements Love Us, Inc.: Waterproofing Company

While observing other waterproofing contractors, waterproofing became our passion and inspired us to use our combined knowledge and skills of concrete/masonry, foundation work, and excavation. We own large heavy-duty equipment to service any sized issue. We experienced an influx of disasters including Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy which gave us the opportunity to work hands on with local communities and experience the first hand harshness of mother nature through the devastation of water and mold damage. We became members of affluent organizations which helped us develop and fine tune our skills which includes the Indoor Air Quality Association, Basement Health Association, and our company then became Micro Certified in both Mold Remediation and Inspection. Our reputation along with our unsurpassed knowledge and experience offered us more growth potential to open Pollution Solutions LLC.

Pollution Solutions LLC: Remediation & Restoration Company

Pollution Solutions was developed for the ever-changing concerns with not only one’s personal health but also the health of the consumer’s household and adverse affects it may have if the mold and water issues were not fully addressed. We offer a full line of services specializing in mold testing, mold remediation, duct cleaning, dehumidification, and water restoration. We service residential and commercial space with state-of-the-art detection and remediation methods to purify the air that you breathe. We use certified laboratory microbiologists that provide a full laboratory analysis within 48 hours with a clear, concise report with graphs, so that you can make informed decisions about the mold remediation process. We stand by our work and perform post-mold testing to ensure that our mold remediation methods have reduced the number of mold spores to sustain an acceptable and healthy level. Our staff consists of fully Certified Mold Inspectors and Certified Mold Remediation Contractors who use all EPA environmentally friendly products


We surpassed our goals of building complimentary businesses with the increasing demand from diversified sources and with continuing our education and being open to new challenges. With every new challenge accepted we developed a new foresight. From Angel Construction to Basements Love Us to Pollution Solutions and our latest accomplishment, Becker Enterprise Group, we are fulfilling our initiative to improve your property value and quality of life. With great pride and expertise we launched Becker Enterprise Group!