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Stucco Basement Wall in South Jersey

If you are looking for a professional, trusted, and reliable basement masonry contractor in South New Jersey with years of experience in the field, look no further than Becker Enterprise Group. We specialize in all types of top-notch basement masonry services from roughcasting, stucco, parging to complete replacement of both foundation and basement walls.

We have numerous testimonials from our previous clients just to show you how much the quality of our work does indeed speak for itself. We understand you may be contacting us in an emergency situation or to have a better look and feel for your basement. We have you covered!

A perfectly constructed and maintained home rests on a solid foundation and a strong basement floor that is without any leaks or damages.


Characteristics of a Damaged Basement:

  • Frequent dampness in your basement
  • Appearance of dry rot or warped paneling
  • Cracks appearing on your basement floor or walls
  • Mildew and fungus growth in your basement
  • An unpleasant musty odor coming from your basement
  • The appearance of white powder on your basement walls
  • Bowing or buckling on the basement walls
  • Paint peeling off from your basement walls
Stucco Basement Wall in South Jersey

If you notice any of the following signs of a damaged basement then it’s time to contact Becker Enterprise Group before the damage escalates.

You can count on the experience and knowledge of our basement masonry experts to handle any problem in your leaky basement, from simple repairs to full replacement of basement walls and floors.

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Our Wide Range of Basement Masonry Services

In our experience in the construction industry, there are many ways that your basement walls and floors can suffer damage and need repairs. These things will not repair themselves and must be addressed before the damage get worse.

At Becker Enterprise Group, we ensure that you have the perfect basement to avoid potentially harmful consequences.


Our basement masonry services include the following:

  • Roughcasting Basement Walls
  • Roughcasting Foundation Walls
  • Stuccoing Basement Walls
  • Stuccoing Foundation Walls
  • Parging Basement Walls
  • Basement Floor Slabs
  • Cement Basement Walls
  • Poured Concrete Walls
  • Cinder Block Walls
  • Basement Wall Replacement
  • Foundation Wall Replacement

Do you have an old traditional home? We also specialize in basement masonry for Victorian and Historical homes as well as in all newly constructed and modern properties. Give us a call if you have a crack or notice leakage in your basement.

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Why Choose Becker Enterprise Group for Your Basement Masonry Needs?

Whether you need to repair a crack in your basement or replace your foundation walls, here are a few reasons to let Becker Enterprise Group handle the job:

We are a company of licensed builders – We only employ experienced masons – We are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction at all times – Our company is fully bonded and licensed – We provide affordably priced high-quality services – You will love our excellent customer support

Do you have any questions about our basement masonry services? Call us today and one of our trained technicians will happily provide you with a free quote for your basement masonry repair project.

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